• The taxes in gasoline seem like pennies. What do they add up to?

    Udate: We collected $775,984 in total gasoline taxes in 2012.


    Calculating the tax revenues on an annual basis for our single location is real attention getter. The table below is calculated based upon our actual gasoline volume of 1,777,970 gallons in 1999. In 1999 we did not have any fuels containing ethanol. In April 2000 ethanol was added to all of our products for competitive reasons. The table illustrates actual tax collections in 1999 and the tax collections had we marketed with ethanol. Two points are important. The first is the size of tax collections for our location, and second the size of the tax subsidy taxpayers give away for ethanol. The tax breaks are offset with higher product costs with ethanol. It's amazing how a few pennies here and there add up. Federal Motor Fuel tax money is used to build and maintain roads. The ethanol subsidy shown in the table below results in less available federal money for road building and maintenance.


    The Federal Motor Fuel tax is probably the fairest of any tax in our system. Most of the Federal M.F.T. is spent on roads and highways. Drive more, pay more, or don't drive, don't pay. Big vehicles pay more. Fuel sippers pay less.


    A typical fill includes about $6.00 to $7.00 in taxes.


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