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    You may have often been curious as to the benefit of hybrid vehicles? At Beachlers, we have read numerous articles and much research. With fuel prices so low at the current time, it may not be cost beneficial to you and your wallet. I invite you to read the following article:


    • Electric Vehicles-The Overall Impact

      2016-08-24 14:25:50

      Brett explores the world of electric vehicles. What are the true emissions? Who truly benefits? Electric vehicles, in theory, are fantastic alternatives. However, are there …

    • Cool Cars: Massive VW Bug

      2016-08-11 15:40:27

      Check out this custom built, oversized VW Bug. It is literally the size of a pick-up truck! Meet Richard Tupper from Gardena, CA. Richard built …

    • Cleveland-Original Motor City?

      2016-07-30 12:10:31

      Did you know Cleveland was America's original Motor City? Explore the following article to learn about some of the original electric vehicles.

    • Do I Need a Tire Rotation?

      2013-12-19 10:55:19

      Stretch Your Tire Replacement Interval and Other Tire Rotation Thoughts


      • Avoid safety related handling problems which occur when tire tread condition is much …

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