• Do I Need a Tire Rotation?

    2013-12-19 10:55:19

    Stretch Your Tire Replacement Interval and Other Tire Rotation Thoughts


    • Avoid safety related handling problems which occur when tire tread condition is much better on one axle than another. Contrary to popular belief, the best tires belong on the rear axle.
    • You will always be aware of brake condition before brakes wear out causing expensive damage to rotors or brake drums.  
    • Tires will last longer (much longer).
    • Tires are inspected for anything which may have punctured the tire.
    • Your favorite technician can more easily inspect your brakes and monitor their condition when parts are not rusted together.
    • Tire rotation recommendations vary depending upon what you do with your right foot.
    • To keep tire mileage warranties in effect proof of proper tire care is required.


    Other comments

    • Maximum mileage for maximum rotation 8,000 miles.
    • For customers on long oil drain intervals (5,000 miles or more) rotation is recommended at every oil change.
    • Generally if there is 1/32" less tread on the drive axle tires we recommend tire rotation.
    • The replacement of tires in pairs is a red flag indicating that tires are not being rotated as recommended or too infrequently.


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