• Comprehensive Inspection (Most Popular)


    A 7 page evaluation of approximately 150 items with written results and inspected by an ASE certified and experienced technician.

    Doors, Glass, Paint, Body, Bumpers, Mirrors , Lights, Wipers, Keyless Entry

    City & Highway Road Test 
    Engine, Braking, Steering, Suspension, Transmission Performance, All Wheel Drive, ABS Function

    Heating & Air Conditioning
    Performance, Controls

    Under Hood
    Fluids, Leaks, Noise, Belts, Hoses, Component Operation, Battery / Alternator / Starting Electrical Test, Timing Belt

    Engine Performance
    Scan Tool Test, Intake System, Fuel System, Emission System, Tampering, Spark Plugs, Ignition System, Operating Temperature, Engine Performance


    Interior Inspection
    Power Locks / Windows, Warning Lights, Safety Belts & Restraints, Instruments, Warning Systems

    Trunk or Cargo Area
    Jack, Spare, Leaks

    Under Car 
    Shocks, Suspension, Steering Linkage, Exhaust System, Engine Mounts, Drive Train, Tires, Wheels, Brakes, Springs

    Tailgate, Convertible Top

    Maintenance Evaluation & Recommendations
    Evaluate Maintenance Needs per Vehicle Condition and Factory Schedule

    Recommended for:

    • Annual inspection for an owned vehicle
    • Pre-purchase inspection of medium value and/or less complex vehicles
    • Vehicles with which the owner is familiar
    • Keep or sell decision
    • Vehicles leaving warranty
    • Lease buy-back




    Time: Approximately 1 Hour - Available Monday-Friday by Appointment


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