• Comprehensive Plus Inspection


    A very detailed (9 page) evaluation of approximately 200 items with written results and inspected by an ASE certified and experienced technician.

    Doors, Glass, Paint, Body, Bumpers, Mirrors Lights, Wipers, Keyless Entry, Alarm System, Remote Start

    City & Highway Road Test
    Engine, Braking, Steering, Suspension, Transmission Performance, All Wheel Drive, ABS Function, Verify All Accessory Operation

    Heating & Air ConditioningPerformance, Controls

    Under Hood 
    Fluids, Leaks, Noise, Belts, Hoses, Component Operation, Battery / Alternator / Starting Electrical Test, Timing Belt

    Engine Performance
    Scan Tool Test, Intake System, Fuel System, Emission System, Tampering, Spark Plugs, Ignition System, Operating Temperature, Engine Performance

    Interior Inspection
    Upholstery, Carpets, Power Locks / Windows / Accessories, Warning Lights, Safety Belts & Restraints, Sound System, Instruments, Warning Systems

    Trunk or Cargo Area
    Jack, Spare, Leaks

    Under Car 
    Shocks, Suspension, Steering Linkage, Exhaust System, Engine Mounts, Drive Train, Tires, Wheels, Brakes, Springs

    Trailer Hitch & Wiring, Bed Liner, Tailgate, Convertible Top, Roof Rack, and other installed options

    Maintenance Evaluation & Recommendations
    Evaluate Maintenance Needs per Vehicle Condition and Factory Schedule


    Recommended for:

    • Pre-purchase inspection of higher value and/or more complex vehicles
    • Keep or sell decision
    • Vehicles leaving warranty
    • Lease buy-back



    Time: Approximately 2 Hours - Available Monday-Friday by Appointment


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